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Dinosaurs - Curriculum Overview

Legal Disclaimer

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This course should fulfill a semester credit for science for your homeschool student.  As always, check your local laws to ensure this course meets your state's regulations.


Table of Contents 


Section 1 - Overview
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Prerequisites Summary
Lesson 3 Geologic Time
Lesson 4 The Mesozoic World
Lesson 5 Extinction
Test 1
Section 2 - Theropods
Lesson 6 Theropod Overview
Lesson 7 Herrerasaurus
Lesson 8 Coelophysis
Lesson 9 Dilophosaurus
Lesson 10 Ceratosaurus
Lesson 11 Carnotaurus
Lesson 12 Majungasaurus
  Test 2
Lesson 13 Spinosaurus
Lesson 14 Allosaurus - Part 1
Lesson 15 Allosaurus - Part 2
Lesson 16 Carcharodontosaurus
Lesson 17 Acrocanthosaurus
Lesson 18 Giganotosaurus
Lesson 19 Coelurus
Lesson 20 Compsognathus
Lesson 21 Sinosauropteryx
Test 3
Lesson 22 Daspletosaurus
Lesson 23 Gorgosaurus
Lesson 24 Albertosaurus
Lesson 25 Tyrannosaurus
Lesson 26 Tyrannosaurus Part 2
Lesson 27 Gallimimus
Lesson 28 Struthiomimus
Test 4
Lesson 29 Maniraptora Overview
Lesson 30 Therizinosaurus
Lesson 31 Alvarezsauridae
Lesson 32 Oviraptorosaurs
Lesson 33 Dromaeosauridae (Raptors)
Lesson 34 Microraptor
Lesson 35 Deinonychus
Lesson 36 Velociraptor
Lesson 37 Troodon
Test 5
Section 3 - Sauropods
Lesson 38 Sauropod Overview
Lesson 39 Plateosaurus
Lesson 40 Apatosaurus
Lesson 41 Diplodocus
Lesson 42 Diplodocus, Part 2
Lesson 43 Camarasaurus
Lesson 44 Brachiosaurus
Lesson 45 Titanosaurs
Test 6
Section 4 - Thyreophora
Lesson 46 Overview
Lesson 47 Scelidosaurus
Lesson 48 Stegosaurus
Lesson 49 Stegosaurus, Part 2
Lesson 50 Nodosauridae
Lesson 51 Ankylosaurus
Test 7
Section 5 - Neornithischia
Lesson 52 Overview
Lesson 53 Heterodontosauridae
Lesson 54 Hypsilophodon
Lesson 55 Iguanodon
Lesson 56 Pachycephalosaurus
Lesson 57 Dracorex
  Test 8
Section 6 - Hadrosaurs
Lesson 58 Hadrosaurid Overview
Lesson 59 Edmontosaurus
Lesson 60 Maiasaura
Lesson 61 Prosaurolophus
Lesson 62 Saurolophus
Lesson 63 Lambeosaurus
Lesson 64 Parasaurolophus
Test 9
Section 7 - Ceratopsia
Lesson 65 Overview
Lesson 66 Psittacosaurus
Lesson 67 Protoceratops
Lesson 68 Styracosaurus
Lesson 69 Triceratops, Part 1
Lesson 70 Triceratops, Part 2
Test 10
Section 8 - Non-Dinosaurs & Closing
Lesson 71 Pterosaurs
Lesson 72 Plesiosaurs
Lesson 73 Ichthyosaurs
Lesson 74 Mosasaurs
Lesson 75 Colorful History
Lesson 76 Dinosaurs and Creation Science
  Test 11


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Welcome to the free Old Earth Ministries Online Dinosaur Curriculum.  If you have a teenager who is crazy about dinosaurs, this course is perfect to fulfill a high school elective choice.  The curriculum is designed to be completed in one semester.  There are a total of 76 lessons, with 11 test days, for a total of 87 days of instruction.  Many of the lessons are long, so it could easily be broken into two days per lesson, expanding the course to a full year.  Want a sample?  Click a chapter on the right, or click here for the T-Rex chapter.




     This is a High School level course.  The material presupposes that the student has a basic understanding of Geology and Biology.  In order to help students who have not studied these subjects, Lesson 2 was designed to give students a basic overview. 




     The text of this curriculum is presented free of charge.  No registration is necessary.  We simply request that you send me a courtesy email, informing us that you are using the curriculum.

    The tests are taken online, and are automatically graded.  After taking the test, the computer will give the student the correct answer for any missed questions. You may choose to allow your children to take the test open book, by having one window with the test, and another with the curriculum.


    If you have found this curriculum to be useful, please consider a donation. Visit the donation page for more information.   Thank You.  


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries




A Note on Evolution

Old earth creationists are equally divided, with about half believing in theistic evolution, and half believing in progressive creation.   In order to make the lessons suitable for both beliefs, it was necessary to leave in some evolutionary content.  If your family believes in progressive creation, please discuss with your children how they should handle these references to evolutionary theory.


The Fine Print


Legal Disclaimer - Old Earth Ministries makes no promises concerning the use of this material.  Because of differences in home school regulations from state to state, it is the responsibility of the home schooling parents to determine if it meets the standards for an elective in the state of residence where they reside.


Curriculum Reference Sources:  Much of this curriculum has been copied from Wikipedia (Is this legal?  Yes.  See Below).  For the curious, you can view the Wikipedia page for the dinosaur in question.   Why not just have the students read the Wikipedia page?  Two reasons.  First, Wikipedia contains much cross-linking to other Wikipedia articles.  For example, consider this sentence:


      "The first seed-bearing plants spread across dry land, forming huge forests."


      Students do not need to waste time reading an article to see what a seed bearing plant, or a forest is, as they are high schoolers and already know this.  Second, having several links within a sentence, which shows up as a different color, is not as pleasing to the eye.  By leaving in only links that may be useful, students can concentrate better on the subject at hand.  The Wikipedia pages contain the original references if one wishes to look them up.

     The second reason for copying is so that minor tweaks to the text can be accomplished.  Some pages were unnecessarily long, and contained redundent information.  Unnecessary information was removed, but overall, much of the content is unchanged.  In addition, this is a Christian website, and we seek to present the story of how God created our world.  Therefore it was necessary to be able to edit the text to put in remarks that clarify the Christian perspective. 


Legality: Wikipedia text can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.