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The Guiding Principle of Old Earth Ministries (or, "Why OEM Supports Theistic Evolution")


by Greg Neyman

© Old Earth Ministries

Published 5 May 2014


     Since there have been many new people coming to the website and Facebook page recently, I thought it would be a good time to introduce them to the guiding principle of Old Earth Ministries.  This information is particularly important to the two main factions of old earth believers...those who believe in progressive creationism, and those who believe in theistic evolution

     When looking through the articles on this website, no doubt many progressive creationists have noticed that there are many pro-evolution articles, so they may be led to believe that the site is run by a theistic evolutionist.  However, I personally believe in progressive creationism.  Then why do I argue for evolution? 

    Although I believe in progressive creation, I am just a man...I don't know everything.  I cannot be 100 percent certain that progressive creationism is the one correct answer to creation.  When I look at evolution, I also see the possibility that it could be the answer.  There are many good points that evolutionary theory makes, and many times I find myself leaning towards a belief in theistic evolution.

     Despite the good points that evolutionary theory makes, if you look at other creationists besides theistic evolutionists, they argue against evolution.  YEC's are against evolution, and so are the old earth progressive creationists.  What about the arguments they use against evolution?  How could evolution possibly be true with all the problems that these creationists, both old and young earth, throw at evolution?

      Here's my thought process on this topic:

1. Evolution has been around for a couple of centuries now, and it's only getting stronger, despite the attacks against it.  Why is it getting stronger? Because with each new scientific study/discovery, we come to understand it better. Despite the claims of YEC's (and some OEC's) that evolution is dying, the reverse is is alive and well.

2.  It is said that evolution is both a fact and a theory. Since there is still a theoretical part of evolution, that means there will always be things within evolution that can be attacked by non-evolutionists.  It could be that these attacks on evolution are valid, and prove that evolution is false...or it could be that we don't fully understand evolution yet, and there may yet be a solution to these problems.  Either way, we cannot say dogmatically that evolution is true or false...after all, we are not omniscient, as God is.

3.  The Bible can be interpreted to allow both belief in evolution,* and belief in instant creation of new species.  Again, this is a man-made interpretation of God's Word, and since we are not omniscient, we cannot say that our interpretation is the correct interpretation.

     The goal of OEM is to promote old earth belief, whether that be theistic evolution, or progressive creationism, or other old earth theories that fit science and the Bible.  This is our guiding stand up for all forms of old earth belief, which this website has done for the last eleven years, and hopefully, for many more years to come.   Thanks to all old earth creationists for your support over the years.


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries


* I realize there is a wide range of possibilities with Biblical interpretation and evolution. Many TE's don't accept a literal interpretation, yet others do. Many think Adam is symbolic, whereas others believe Adam is a specific person.



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