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Creation Science Book Review

Is the Big Bang Biblical? And 99 Other Questions

By John Morris


Review by Greg Neyman

© Old Earth Ministries

Review Published  April 2006


     Is the Big Bang Biblical?, by John Morris, was published in 2003.  The edition being reviewed is soft cover, ISBN number 0-89051-391-0, Second Printing, July 2004. 

     For those of you who do not know John Morris, he is the president of the Institute for Creation Research.  He holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in Geological Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.  He obtained these degrees while he was a young earth creationist.

     This book is a compilation of 100 of the most asked questions that Morris is asked (the book's title is "Is the Big Bang Biblical, and 99 Other Questions").  The last section has "four" bonus questions, bringing the total to 104.  However, the total number of questions answered is 103, one short of what the total should be.  I guess the title "Is the Big Bang Biblical, and 98 Other Questions" didn't sound right to Morris.

     Please keep in mind that although he addresses many issues related to the age of the earth, some of the issues do not address the creation debate, and therefore no rebuttals are necessary.  These neutral questions will be obvious to the reader.



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Section List


Section 1 - Biblical Issues (23 Questions)


Section 2 - Biology (15 Questions)


Section 3 - Creation Questions (8 Questions)


Section 4 - Geology, The Flood, The Young Earth (16)


Section 5 - Physical Science (10 Questions)


Section 6 - Impact on Society (20 Questions)


Section 7 - Personal Application (11 Questions)



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