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X112:  Instructions are necessary to produce order


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Increasing order is only possible, locally and temporarily, if there is a program to direct growth and a power converter


Source: Morris, Henry M., Scientific Creationism, pages 43-45




  1. The 2nd law does has nothing to do with programs which direct growth.  The "power" within the second law is changes in entropy

  2. Order is produced from nature all the time, without any guiding "program".  Mud, left to itself, will form patterned mud cracks.  Ice crystals will form intricate designs.  Snow flakes are notorious for their design.  Clouds form complex patterns.  Streams sort stones by size.  All show an increase in order, without a pattern

  3. Increasing order is not a violation of the 2nd law.  The only possible violation is a decrease in entropy without an accompanying increase.  Neither evolution nor growth violate the 2nd law

  4. Evolution has a program, known as the environment

  5. With God guiding the evolutionary process, anything is possible anyway, so arguing over the possibilities concerning the second law of thermodynamics is a moot point (God provides the "program")


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