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N44:  The Flood caused an ice age


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The aftermath of the global flood caused the ice age. 

Source:  Henry Morris, Scientific Creationism, pages 126-127; Michael Oard, numerous sources



  1. Cores from ice sheets date back 160,000 years.  Volcanic eruptions that were historically observed by humans over the last 4,000 years provide a direct correlation with the volcanic ash within the most recent 4,000 layers of the ice cores, proving that they are annual layers.  If the flood were 4,000 years ago, the ice age following the flood would have to mimic annual layers, and deposit 156,000 layers within the few hundred years of the ice age.  The young earth ice age cannot account for this problem

  2. Adding heat to the earth during the flood, via volcanoes, would make it hotter.  The falling moisture would be hot rain, not snow

  3. The earth under an ice sheet is isostatically adjusted to the mass of ice.  If the ice was deposited only 4,000 years ago, it would take 12,000 years to account for the degree of adjustment observed today.  This data fits better with the old earth explanation of the end of the last ice age 11,000 years ago

  4. There are many lines of evidence for many glacial advances and retreats over the last 2 million years.  For more, see the Talk Origins article linked below

  5. Old earth creationism accepts the scientific explanation for the ice ages, and does not have to resort to a single ice age theory with no scientific data to support it


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