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N4341:  The flood deposited seashells high upon mountains


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Mount Everest, and other mountains, have seashell fossils at or near the top of the mountain.  The global flood of Noah could have deposited these fossils

Source:  Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1985.  Life--How Did It Get Here?, p. 203.



  1. Tectonic forces easily explain how land is lifted up.  It is a process that is happening today

  2. A flood cannot explain it because:

    1. Floods erode mountains and deposit their sediments far below in valleys, not on mountaintops

    2. Fossils are found in the same positions they occupied during life.  A flood would have scattered the fossils around

    3. Fossil marine organisms are found in sediments that were formerly covered by the sea.  If the global flood occurred, then all land would be under the sea, and thus all rock layers would contain fossil marine organisms.  They do not.  Many rock layers contain no fossils, and others only contain terrestrial fossils

  3. Old earth creationism accepts plate tectonics, and does not have to resort to poor scientific explanations to account for the presence of seashells on mountaintops


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