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N4333:  Fossils are sorted by their ability to escape


Edited by Greg Neyman




The order of the fossil record during Noah's Flood can best be explained by an organisms ability to flee the rising flood waters.

Source:  Scientific Creationism, p. 119.



  1. The evidence from the fossil record is contrary to this claim.  For example, slow moving species such as turtles, sloths, and every plant at low elevations would be in the bottom layers.  However, turtles and sloths are high in the fossil record, with many layers below them.  As another example, the fast dinosaur velociraptor is always found beneath the sloths, which is contrary to this claim

  2. Modern day floods trap all sorts of organisms, regardless of their ability to escape

  3. Old earth creationists do not have to resort to wild guesses about how the fossil record was produced, since we accept the fossil record as is


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