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N421:  Plants could have survived Noah's Flood


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All the plant species that are alive today must have survived the global flood

Source:  Woodmorappe, John, 1996. Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study, Santee, CA: ICR, pp. 153-162.




  1. Woodmorappe notes that many could survive, but he fails to note that many will not

    1. Many plant species would be killed if they were soaked in water for several months

    2. Some plants do not produce seeds.  After the existing plants were uprooted by the flood, they would have no way to repopulate

    3. Some seeds cannot survive a full year before germinating

  2. Most of the world's seeds would be buried under miles of sediment

  3. Many plants require specific soil conditions to grow.  With all the topsoil removed by the flood, such conditions would not exist

  4. Some seeds only germinate after being exposed to fire.  After the flood, there was nothing left to burn

  5. Flowering plants require insects to pollinate them.  However, the only insects present would have been those on the ark

  6. Plants thrive in communities, not as individuals.  For example, cut down all the redwoods, and dozens of other species will die, because they depend on the redwoods.  Any plant that depends on a mature community (which provides shade, shelter, humitity, etc), would not survive by itself


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