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N35:  Pre-Flood animals lived in a uniform climate


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The pre-Flood climate was uniform over all the earth.  This meant animals could live close to Noah, and they would not have to migrate far to get on the ark


  1. Some animals will die if exposed to temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius.  Others would die if it were not above 10 degrees C.  Humidity is also a factor, limiting what species can be present in a given environment

  2. One of the leading causes of extinction is introduced species.  Too many species, in one locale retards diversity.  For instance, a sincle introduced land snail species on the island of Tahiti eliminated all the native snails

  3. Different climates support different species.  There are different communities of animals in tundra, temperate forest, tropical forest, and desert climates.  If all climate were temperate forest, it would rule out the existence of the species in these other climates

  4. In an old earth creationism, local flood scenario, you do not have to resort to such arguments for the ark to work.  The animals on the ark would have been from the local area affected by the flood


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