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N34:  Noah and his family could feed and care for the animals on the ark


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Noah and his family had plenty of time to feed and care for the thousands of animals on the ark 

Source:  Woodmorappe, John, 1996. Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study, Santee, CA: ICR, pp. 71-81.


  1. Zoos require much more people for far fewer animals.  For example, Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter," has just over 1,000 animals in his Australia Zoo.  He also has 400 employees.  Many are administrative, but just assuming that half care for animals, that's five animals per zookeeper.  Noah and his family have almost 2,000 animals per person

  2. Woodmorappe assumes 15,754 animals.  For 8 people, they have about 30 seconds per animal, far too little time for most animals

  3. Labor-saving mechanisms proposed by Woodmorappe are unworkable.  Water troughs would lose their water from the ship pitching with the waves

  4. Woodmorappe claims the manure was simply pushed overboard.  However, since the first, and possibly second, deck was below the waterline, the manure would have to first be carried upwards

  5. The only way for the young earth theory to work would be for God to put the animals in some sort of suspended animation for the year they were on the ark.  The essentially would be "frozen."  There is no indication of any such event occurring

  6. In an old earth creationism, local flood scenario, you do not have to resort to such arguments for the ark to work, and for Noah to provide care for the animals


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