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N323:  Noah only took "kinds" of animals on the ark


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Noah took "kinds" of animals on the ark.  For instance, instead of every species of large cat (lion, tiger, jaguar, etc), there was only one pair of cats



  1. This is merely a young earth "requirement," in order to pack all the animals onto the ark.  It has no basis in Scripture

  2. Accepting this idea means you accept rapid speciation (evolution) after the ark landed.  Over the past 4,500 years, hundreds, even thousands, of species have developed from the one "kind" that was on the ark

  3. Using the same reasoning young earth creationists use for "kinds," all the primates, including man, would be one kind.  Was Noah an ape, and did we descend from him?  Or, you could argue that chimpanzees are also descendents of Noah

  4. In an old earth creationism, local flood scenario, you do not have to resort to such arguments for the ark to work.  The animals on the ark would have been from the local area affected by the flood, thus you don't have to worry about speciation after the flood


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