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N2147:  Ed Behling was led to the ark in 1973


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In 1973, Ed Behling, a clinical psychologist working for the US government in Turkey, was led to the ark on Mount Ararat by a very old Turkish shepherd.  He saw it on a cliff, 100 feet above him, in foggy conditions.  The bow was broken off, and it was square in cross-section.  He saw 150-200 feet of it

Source:  Shockey, Don, 1986. Agri-Dagh, Mount Ararat: The Painful Mountain, Fresno, CA: Pioneer Publishing. pp. 35-36



  1. Behling has refused to talk about his claims since the mid-1980s, after ark researchers questioned him about inconsistencies in his story

  2. If it were true, why would he have never followed up on one of the most remarkable discoveries of all time?  Also, his guide was described as looking like he had been dead for five years.  If so, the trip to the ark must have been very easy, so why haven't others been able to find it?


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