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N2146:  Local Kurds led Ed Davis to the ark in 1943


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In 1943, Ed Davis, a US Army sergeant stationed in Hamadan, Iran, became friends with local Kurd tribesmen (in his original account they were not Kurds, but Lourd).  They supposedly told him of Noah'a Ark on Mt Ararat, and showed him several ark items.  The tribal leader led him to the mountain, but bad weather prevented getting closer than 1/2 mile, but Davis did supposedly see the ark from a distance.  It was broken into three or four pieces, of which Davis saw two, one which had three floors. 

Source:  Shockey, Don, 1986. Agri-Dagh, Mount Ararat: The Painful Mountain, Fresno, CA: Pioneer Publishing., n.d. Ed Davis drawings from 1985-1986.


  1. Davis claimed he saw Mt Ararat, and that it was less than a day's travel to it.  But Ararat is 400 miles from Hamadan (and in a different country)

  2. Davis originally said the tribesmen were Lourds, but later changed this to Kurds.  Kurds do live around Ararat, whereas Lourds live around Hamadan

  3. Davis described springs and caves, which are rare on Ararat.  He was probably visiting Mt. Kuh e Alvand, a mountain 60 miles west of Hamadan.  Locals believe this mountain to be the ark's landing spot

  4. The ark was easy to get to, and many knew the location, according to Davis.  News of such an ark would already have spread throughout the Muslim, if not the entire world

  5. Part of his story is not credible.  He told of edible food remaining after 8,000 years (yet the ark itself was petrified!).  He had no witnesses, no photographs, or artifacts.


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