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N2145:  Resit, a Kurdish farmer, found the ark in 1948


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In 1948, a Kurdish farmer named Resit reported finding the prow of the ark protruding from ice two-thirds the way up Ararat.  The wood was black and too hard to cut off a sample.  Based on this account, A.J. Smith organized an expedition, hoping to use Resit as a guide.  They could not find Resit or the ark 

Source:  Tim LaHaye and John Morris, The Ark on Ararat, 1976.  pp. 115-118



  1. Resit reportedly told other locals, and they also viewed the ark.  Smith could not locate Resit, nor anyone else he told the story to.

  2. LaHaye and Morris say this is because Resit was Muslim.  However, Muslims also believe in Noah's Ark, so the Ark would not be a problem for them

  3. With no evidence to support this story, it cannot be corroborated


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