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N2144:  Hagopian visited the ark with his uncle around 1908


Edited by Greg Neyman



A local Armenian boy named George Hagopian visited the ark with his uncle in the year 1908 and 1910 (other accounts say 1902.  The ark was on the edge of a cliff, and its wood was like stone.  He reported these details to ark searchers in 1970 

Source:  Tim LaHaye and John Morris, The Ark on Ararat, 1976.  pp. 69-72



  1. The ark was hard to get to by many accounts, yet this boy and his friends easily travelled there.  This conflicts with accounts from other explorers

  2. The measurements Hagopian took are too large for the ark (1000 feet long to 480 in the Bible)

  3. It was as hard as stone.  It probably was stone...a geologic feature resembling roughly the shape of the ark


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