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N2141:  Yearam guided three scientists to Noah's ark in 1916


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A Seventh-Day Adventist (a young earth denomination) named Haji Yearam told a story in 1916.  The story says he guided three English scientists to the ark in the year 1856.  When they found it, the scientists, being non-believers, tried to destroy it.  They took an oath never to reveal its location.  About 1918, Harold Williams saw a newspaper article in which a scientist's deathbed confession corroborated Yearam's story.  Williams published a story about this in 1952 

Source:  Tim LaHaye and John Morris, The Ark on Ararat, 1976.  pp. 43-48



  1. There is no record of an ark expedition from England in 1856.  A five-man expedition did explore Ararat that year, with Kurdish guides (Yearam was Armenian).  This expedition was not in search of the Ark

  2. No newspaper story from 1918 or thereabouts has ever been found to substantiate the story, despite much searching for it

  3. Why did Williams wait 34 years to write about this event? (Answer:  The further in the past, the harder it is for someone to dispute your claims, especially when they are suspect)

  4. Why would three English scientists, who did not believe in the Ark, go on an expedition to find the Ark?

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