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N212:  Noah's ark has been found near Dogubayazit, Turkey


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Noah's Ark was found by Ron Wyatt near Dogubayazit, Turkey.  Wyatt claims that a symmetrical structure there has the right dimensions and interior structure, and symmetrically arranged traces of metal are consistent with the ark


Source:  Ron Wyatt, Discovered - Noah's Ark.  1989, and other sources




  1. The site does not match the biblical account.  It is almost 10,000 feet lower than nearby Mt Ararat.  Genesis 8:4-6 says that the ark came to rest before the tops of the mountains were visible.  Nearby Mt Ararat would have been clearly visible

  2. No fossilized wood is reported from the site

  3. The metal traces are actually geothite, a hydrated iron oxide.  It is naturally occurring, and would not appear in smelted iron

  4. The supposed walls of the ark are limonite concentrations, and the boatlike shape is consistent with an eroded doubly plunging syncline

  5. The dimensions are nearly 50 percent wider than the dimensions given in the Bible



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