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G823:  Plate tectonics occurred catastrophically and has since slowed


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Plate tectonics happened, but it was catastrophic, occurring very quickly, probably during the worldwide flood of Noah, causing rapid runaway subduction, rapid magnetic field reversals, and a global rain from the vast amounts of steam released.  The process slowed when nearly all the ocean floor had been subducted (at the end of the flood)


Source: Austin, S. A., J. R. Baumgardner, D. R. Humphreys, A. A. Snelling, L. Vardiman and K. P. Wise, 1994. Catastrophic plate tectonics: A global flood model of earth history. Proceedings of the third international conference on creationism. Pittsburgh, PA: Creation Science Fellowship, Inc., pp. 609-621.



  1. The Hawaiian Islands formed as the crust moved over a hot spot.  Radiometric dating and erosion features all indicate the great age of the older islands, in graduated steps, away from the current hot spot.  If they were formed rapidly, they would all have the same radiometric age and same erosional features

  2. By the young earth model all ocean floor should be the same age.  Observation of radiometric dates and sedimentation on the ocean floor indicate a variance of millions of years in the ages from the mid-ocean ridge outward

  3. The elevation of sea floors is consistent with gradual spreading, not with rapid spreading

  4. Guyots (flat-topped underwater mountains) are unexplainable in the young earth system

  5. Continent-continent collisions are not accounted for in the young earth system (as is happening between the India and Eurasian plates today)

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