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G822:  Mid-ocean magnetic reversals do not show that the earth's magnetic field has changed polarization


Edited by Greg Neyman



Rocks spreading from the mid-oceanic ridges contain a record that apparently shows that the earth's magnetic field has reversed polarity many times.  These are misinterpreted, and they are not reversals, but are slight fluctuations.  Geologists used these magnetic changes to further support their theory of plate tectonics.  If these are not reversals, it removes their ability to use it to claim plate tectonics is correct


Source: Brown, Walt, 1995. In the Beginning: Compelling evidence for creation and the Flood, 6th ed., p. 79.




  1. Ample evidence for the reversal of the earth's magnetic field exists.  Even young earth ministry giant Answers in Genesis accepts magnetic field reversals (although they claim these occurred in only a few days time)

  2. The field reversals are mirrored on each side of the mid-ocean ridge

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