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G73:  Baumgardner and Barnette's Patterns of Circulation Study indicates that Noah's Flood could provide the erosional forces to deposit the world's sedimentary layers


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Young earth creationists Baumgardner and Barnette developed a computer simulation showing what would happen with a globe full of water.  Ocean currents in cyclonic patterns over the continents of up to 194 miles per hour could erode the earth, providing the material for depositing the sedimentary layers that we see today


Source: Baumgarder and Barnette




  1. True, it may be able to provide the erosional forces necessary.  However, it creates more problems than it solves

    1. With such great erosional forces, the young earth theory for the formation of chalk layers is impossible.  Chalk forms in shallow waters.  The cyclonic forces proposed are over continents.  The calmest water would be in deep ocean basins.

    2. The formation of coal layers in Germany (and elsewhere) via the Floating Forest theory is impossible

    3. The young earth theory for the formation of the Coconino Sandstone in the Grand Canyon requires a water current of 5.5 feet per second, much too slow when compared with the 194 mph of their computer model.  The point of deposition in this model (the place with low currents) is the deep ocean basins.  We would never see the Coconino if it were deposited in a deep ocean basin

    4. Noah's Ark, which is described by young earthers as being designed to float in one place, is not seaworthy.  The ark started over a continent, thus it would be affected by these water patterns and would have to survive turbulent seas

  2. Basically, if you accept this, you denounce these (and other) key young earth creation science theories.  You can't "have your cake and eat it too"


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