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G531:  World War II airplanes are now buried beneath thousands of "annual" ice layers


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In World War II a flight of eight aircraft was forced to land in Greenland.  The planes were abandoned.  In 1988 they were located beneath 250 feet of ice.  This ice represents many thousands of annual ice layers.  Therefore, the cores of ice which shows hundreds of thousands of years of history must be false.

Source:   Weiland, Carl.  Answers in Genesis ( and numerous other young earth creationists.




  1. This only proves that the location where the planes landed has much precipitation.  In another instance, a plane crashed in Greenland in 1962, and 33 years later it was still visible on the surface.  The only conclusion is that there is much more precipitation at the one site with the 8 aircraft

  2. No study of the layers in the 250 feet of ice was ever done.  It is mere mathematics and comparison of ice core thicknesses.  It is assumed that this is probably thousands of annual layers

  3. Ice cores are normally taken on stable ice sheets.  This location is on an active glacier, in an area of high precipitation.  The Greenland ice core studies occurred farther inland, where much less snow accumulates each year


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