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G351:  Stalactites can grow very rapidly


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Stalactites can grow very quickly. Some have been observed to grow more than half an inch per year. The largest stalactites and flowstones could have formed in a few thousand years.

Source:  Meyers, Stephen and Robert Doolan, 1987. Rapid stalactites? Creation Magazine 9(4) (Sep.-Nov.): 6-8.



  1. The young earth authors refer to processes for stalactite formation that are different from normal calcium carbonate limestones.  Growth rates are normally ten centimeters per thousand years

  2. Fast growing stalactites either grow from gypsum, or from concrete or mortar (from calcium hydroxide, which is 100 times more soluble than calcite

  3. Young earth creationist calculations do not account for the time for the cave to dissolve.  Without this slow process, often millions of years, there would be no stalactites in caves

  4. Radiometric dating for stalactites gives ages of over 190,000 years, whereas other cave deposits are dated at millions of years.  Carlsbad Caverns is dated at 11.3 million years

  5. Oxygen isotope measurements, which gives an indication of outside temperatures, directly correlate with multiple ice ages over the last 160,000 years


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