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G335:  Oceans do not have enough dissolved minerals for an old earth

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Henry Morris in his book Scientific Creationism, claimed that the oceans are young because of the amount of dissolved minerals in them.  For instance, he claims that the sodium in the ocean, which is added from the rivers, could have built up in 260 million years.  Other elements include silicon (8,000 years), copper (50,000 years, nickel (18,000 years) and others.

Source:  Morris, Henry M., 1974. Scientific Creationism, p. 156.




  1. Elements in the oceans are basically at equal amount enters the ocean, as leaves the ocean, each year.  The numbers Morris uses are residence times, not accumulation times.

  2. A detailed analysis of sodium shows that the amount added each year is roughly equivilent to the amount removed each year.

  3. Morris leaves off aluminum, which would show that the earth is only 100 years old.  Since this number does not support his position of 6,000 to 10,000 years, it is conveniently ignored


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