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G334:  Much more sediment is deposited than removed by subduction

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About 25 billion tons of sediment is deposited in the ocean each year, but plate tectonic subduction only removes about 1 billion tons per year. Currently, ocean sediment thickness averages 400 meters. At the observed deposition rate, it would accumulate in only 12 million years, not the hundreds of millions of years that the oceans have been around.

Source:  Humphreys, D. Russell, 1999. Evidence for a young world. or



  1. It is true that more sediment is deposited currently than is removed via subduction.  However, subduction is not the only method of removing sediment from the oceans.  As ocean levels fluctuate, or areas are uplifted, sediment at the shorelines becomes continental land.  Also, calcium deposits dissolve, and organic sediments become biomass.  Also, sediment compacts, therefore the volume is not indicative of the original sediment volume


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