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G324:  Limestone and Dolomite Layers are too Extensive for Normal Deposition.


Edited by Greg Neyman




The geologic record contains many large limestone and dolomite formations.  These formations cannot be explained by uniformitarianism.  Massive precipitation from chemical-rich waters provides a model by which catastrophism can account for them.  Dolomite sediments are not even being formed today.

Source:  Morris, Henry M., 1974. Scientific Creationism, Green Forest, AR: Master Books, pp. 104.




  1. Limestones form today over vast areas as calcium carbonate is precipitated from water.  The standard geologic explanation is more than sufficient to explain them

  2. A shale from a single flood event, causing massive precipitation in chemical rich waters, would give the same age, from top to bottom.  Ancient limestone formations vary greatly in age, showing that they were deposited over a long period of time

  3. Limestones include many fragile fossil organisms, that would not survive a turbulent flood event

  4. A single flood event, such as Noah's Flood, would deposit a single limestone layer.  The geologic record contains many limestone layers interbedded with shales and sandstones, indicating a constantly advancing and retreating shoreline.  This is inconsistent with a single Flood theory

  5. Dolomites form from limestone after the depositional phase, and direct formation cannot be observed

  6. The massive precipitation theory of young earth creationists is fatally flawed.  Read No Chalk from Noah's Flood? for a compete dismantling of the theory

  7. The formation of calcite in Limestone releases heat.  YECs say that all the limestone formed during the flood.  If only 10 percent of the limestones formed in a single flood event, the heat released would be enough to boil the flood waters


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