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G221:  Out-of-order strata occur at the Lewis Overthrust


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Normally, older rock layers are beneath younger rock layers.  At the Lewis Overthrust in Alberta and Montana, Precambrian Limestone is on top of Cretaceous shales.

Source:  Whitcomb, J. C. and H. M. Morris, 1961. The Genesis Flood. Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., pp. 185-195.




  1. Yes, the argument above is a true statement.  However, it is a meaningless argument for young earth creationists.  Even young earth creationists admit that the rock layers are overthrust.  The real issue is the age of the rocks

  2. The forces required for this process are well understood.  Earthquakes and tectonic movements adequately provide the forces necessary to accomplish the overturning of strata

  3. The forces act gradually, over millions of years.  The process of folding rocks, known as "Plastic Deformation" is well understood.  To read more about plastic deformation, read Truth in Geology: Plastic Deformation

  4. Since the process is slow, and the rocks gently bend, not much debris is expected

  5. The overturned rocks are not dated by the event which overturned them.  The fact that they are overturned does not invalidate the age of the original deposition of the layer when it was horizontal


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