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G1261:  The U-Th-Pb method, properly corrected for neutron capture gives recent dates


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Melvin Cook discovered that lead-208 was found in ores in which it could not have come from decay of thorium-232 and could not have been "primordial" or "common" lead that was present when the ore solidified. The lead-208, therefore, must have been formed from lead-207 by neutron capture (Cook 1966). When neutron capture reactions are taken into account, the calculated age of the ores changes from approximately 600 million years to recent.

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  1. The claim that the dates change from 600 million years to "recent" is misleading.  Cook's revised date is actually 70 million years.  This is still much too old for the young earth theory of 6,000-10,000 years

  2. Cook's conclusions were based on a single source, and errors in assumptions have been identified.  Therefore, even old earth geologists discredit his conclusions

  3. When recalculated to fix errors, the correct age is 644 million years, not "recent" as young earthers would have us believe


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