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G1241:  Isochron dating gives unreliable results


Edited by Greg Neyman



Isochron dating is unreliable. The method assumes that the samples are cogenetic, that is, that they form at the same time from a reasonably homogeneous common pool. This assumption is invalid. In particular, mixing two sources with different isotopic compositions gives meaningless but apparently valid isochron plots.

Source:   Overn, William, n.d. Isochron rock dating is fatally flawed.




  1. Mixing can usually be detected by plotting the total daughter isotopes against the ratio of daughter isotopes. These would not likely fall on a straight line if mixing occurred.

  2. Isochron plots from mixing can have any slope, even negative slopes. If mixing were common, we would expect a high percentage of isochron results to show negative slopes. They do not.

  3. Other factors can produce false isochrons, and geologists are aware of these limitations and can take steps to avoid them

  4. False isochrons can be avoided by choosing appropriate samples


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