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G1215:  Triassic wood from Australia was dated at 33,720 years old


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A piece of wood in Triassic sandstone (225 to 230 million years old) was carbon dated to be only 33,720 years old

Source:   Snelling, Andrew, 1999. Dating Dilemma: Fossil wood in 'ancient' sandstone. Creation Ex Nihilo 21(3): 39-41.




  1. The sample was porous, meaning that it likely absorbed organic carbon from groundwater, which contaminated it.

  2. The C-14 could have been produced by natural radioactivity in the surrounding rocks

  3. Even the young earth creationist (Snelling) was unsure that the sample was wood.  The dating lab could not tell what the sample was

  4. Since scientists know that radiocarbon dating does not work on samples older than 62,000 years, it was pointless to date the sample in the first place (unless one were looking for bad dates)

  5. If we accept the dating of the sample at 33,720 years, this is more than six times the age of the earth as proposed by young earth creationists (6,000 years)


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