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G12111:  C-14 method is wrong because it is not adjusted for the flood


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The Answers Book makes the claim that the C-14 method is flawed because it does not account for the disruption of the carbon balance during the Flood some 4,500 years ago.  The Flood buried large amounts of C-12 rich plants and animals, and this would result in a lower C-14/C-12 ratio, which would wrongly give great ages

Source:   The Answers Book, 1999. Pages 63-82.

The Dating Game (




  1. The ratio of C-14 to C-12 has been calibrated with dendrochronology (tree ring dating).  There are no notable variations in the ratio from 4,500 years ago.  In other words, there is no evidence from ratios that a worldwide flood happened 4,500 years ago

  2. There is no geological evidence for a worldwide flood, therefore making adjustments for an event that never occurred is unnecessary.  A local flood, as proposed by old earth creationists, would not drastically influence the C-14/C-12 ratio


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