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G115:  Consistency of radiometric dating comes from selective reporting


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Woodmorappe claims that dating involves selective use of the data.  Geologists choose which dates to believe, and throw out the ones they don't like.  This selective process leads to consistency in the data.

Source:   Woodmorappe, John, 1979. Radiometric geochronology reappraised. Creation Research Society Quarterly 16(2): 102-129.
Woodmorappe, John. 1999. The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods. El Cajon, CA: ICR




  1. The costs involved with radiometric dating make this untenable.  It would mean throwing away thousands of dollars just to get the results you want

  2. Geologists are aware of processes that alter the rocks, and thus the results of radiometric dating those rocks.  Due to the context of the rock, geologists try different dating methods.  Not all dating techniques work with all rocks.  This leads to discarding results from the various types of dating methods.  While portrayed negatively by the young earth community, this practice is required to obtain the best results

  3. All dating techniques do not work in all contexts.  To claim that the process is 100 percent invalid because 5 percent of the dates are wrong ignores the 95 percent where the dates are accurate.  Such thinking is illogical (one bad apple does not spoil a whole barrel of apples)

  4. Woodmorappe ignores the geologic context and known limitations of dating methods.  He uses obsolete data and treats dates superficially


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