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G114:  Radiometric dating falsely assumes decay rates are constant


Edited by Greg Neyman



Henry Morris claims that radioisotope decay rates are constant, but that this assumption is not supported.

Source:   Morris, Henry M., 1974. Scientific Creationism, p. 139.




  1. The constancy of decay rates is well supported by the evidence (see TalkOrigins link below for more information)

  2. A radioactive decay rate that is fast enough to permit a young earth would have produced enough heat to melt the earth

  3. Consistency with other dating methods (dendrochronology, ice cores, historical records) validates the decay rates of certain elements such as carbon-14

  4. Different isotopes decay in different ways, but they always give dates consistent with each other

  5. The half-life of radioisotopes are predicted from quantum mechanics.  A variation in the half-lives would involve changes to the fundamental constants of quantum mechanics (see the link below for more)


To learn more on this topic, read the rebuttal.

Radiometric Dating (Wikipedia)



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