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D71:  Fresh unfossilized dinosaur bones were found in Alaska


Edited by Greg Neyman



Argument:  YEC Buddy Davis discovered fresh, unfossilized dinosaur bones by the hundreds in Alaska, some with ligaments still attached


Source:   Ken Ham, The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved, pp. 20-21; p. 124




  1. The fossil bed in question, the Liscomb, has been mined for dinosaur fossils since its discovery in 1961.  The bones in some cases are not fully fossilized, but they are anything but fresh

  2. None have ever been discovered with soft tissue (except the ones that young earth creationists supposedly found…rather suspicious!)

  3. The bones have been significantly diagenetically altered (by their deposition environment).  No DNA has ever been recovered from these bones

  4. If it is true that young earth creationists discovered bones with ligaments still attached, you would think they would publish a technical paper on this topic to prove the earth is young.  They have not

  5. What did the young earth creationists do with these bones with ligaments?  Were they given to competent scientists who are qualified to perform research on them?  They appear to have either disappeared, or were left in the field!  That’s an odd way to treat a valuable dinosaur find!  The disappearance of these bones with ligaments still attached makes it impossible for anyone to accept that they ever existed in the first place

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