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D63:  The way you kill a T-rex is by ripping off its small arms


Edited by Greg Neyman


Argument:  Kent Hovind has claimed that "In ancient literature what were called 'dragons' were actually dinosaurs.  The way they killed these dragons, namely T-Rex, was to pull off their small arm, and let them bleed to death."


Source:   Kent Hovind - (Dead)




  1. Hovind's claim is based on "ancient literature".  What "ancient literature? He is referring to Beowolf, an Old English poem written between the 8th and 11th century. Beowolf contains both fiction and historical events.  Hovind takes the fictional tale of the killing of a dragon by twisting its arm off as truth.

  2. Science has proven that dinosaurs and man have never co-existed. No bones of T-Rex are found together with human bones.  Young earth creationists have proposed evidences, such as the Paluxy River footprints, but they have been shown to be either natural formations or forgeries.

  3. To get close enough to T-Rex to rip off its arm seems highly unlikely. Even if you could, the arm, although small, is still larger than a human leg. It was about a meter long, and the muscle in one arm was strong enough to lift up to 439 pounds. It is highly unlikely that a human being, using his own strength, could simply rip the arm off. (T-Rex arm)



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