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D6211:  The animals were cursed in Genesis 3 after man's sin


Edited by Greg Neyman


Argument:  The animals and our world were cursed by God Genesis 3.  Ken Ham says of Romans 8:22 that the world is sin-cursed


Source:   Ham, Ken.  The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!; pages 54-55




  1. The curse of Genesis 3 consists of three parts:

    1. The serpent (Satan) was cursed in Genesis 3:14-15

    2. Eve was cursed in Genesis 3:16

    3. Adam was cursed in Genesis 3:17-19

    Nowhere does it say the world, nor the animals were cursed

  2. Note Verse 17...the ground is cursed because of Adam.  Mankind is still abusing and destroying the earth, through pollution, mismanagement, killing to extinction of species, etc.  God cursed mankind, but mankind is the one responsible for the earth being cursed through his mismanagement.  Therefore, God only indirectly cursed the earth

  3. Verse 18 says the earth will produce thistles and thorns.  God did not create thistles and thorns at this point, as His creative works were completed.  They must have previously existed.  They were not the result of His curse



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