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D612:  T-Rex Soft Tissue proves the fossils are not millions of years old


Edited by Greg Neyman


Argument:  Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer discovered soft tissue within the partially fossilized femur of a T-Rex.  This proves that dinosaurs died recently, and could not be millions of years old


Source:   Answers in Genesis (




  1. It is portrayed by the young earthers that they cracked the bone open and there was the soft tissue.  In reality, the hard material first had to be dissolved away.  The soft tissue was initially hard just like the bone itself

  2. The inside of a large femur could contain unfossilized material even after millions of years.  Bones of therapod dinosaurs are very dense, and their fossilization on the outside would seal the inside from further effects of the environment.  While surprising, this would be the type of dinosaur bone and the scenario where this is plausible

  3. If the earth were young, then many more dinosaur fossils would contain soft tissue.  However, they do not

  4. It ignores the context in which the fossils are found.  The young earth model still cannot explain why dinosaur fossils exist after Noah's Flood deposited over 10,000 feet of sediment below them.  How did the dinosaurs survive this long into the flood?

  5. Research in 2013 showed that the high iron content of dinosaur blood helped preserve the tissue. Iron is reactive to other molecules, so the body keeps it bound to other molecules that keep it from causing harm. Upon death, the iron is released, and causes protiens and cell membranes to tie in knots, similar to the action of formaldehyde, which is used to preserve tissues. (


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