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D131:  Dragons were dinosaurs


Edited by Greg Neyman



Argument:  Numerous young earth creationists claim that dragons were dinosaurs

Source:   Ken Ham, The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!, Page 34-37; Kent Hovind (numerous references)




  1. There is no evidence to suggest that dragons were real

  2. There is no need for a mythical "dragon" to be based on a real living creature during mankind's history.  For instance, the Chinese culture is full of dragon images.  These probably are the result of the numerous dinosaur fossils which are in China.  Thousands of years ago, when uneducated Chinese people found them, they imagined great beasts and fabricated tales about them for their children

  3. Dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years before mankind invented dragons

  4. Biblical references to dragons are not really dragons in the sense that we think of them.  For more, see the response to claims D1321 and D1322


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