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D123:  Clay and stone figurines discovered in Acambaro, Mexico, include figurines of dinosaurs


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Argument:  In 1945, thousands of figurines were unearthed in Acambaro, Mexico.  Many of the figurines were dinosaurs.  They were purportedly in a style typically dated from 800 B.C. to 200 A.D.  The makers of these figurines must have witnessed dinosaurs in order to make figurines of them


Source:   Swift, Dennis et al., n.d. The dinosaur figurines of Acambaro, Mexico.
Berlitz, Charles, 1984. Atlantis, the Eighth Continent. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, pp. 181-182.




  1. The figurines are fakes, made by locals to sell to an archaeologist who was paying the locals for each intact figurine (see the Talk Origins link below for a full account)

  2. Even if it was real figurines made two thousand years ago, it cannot be taken seriously for scientific proof.  The figurines are probably nothing more than an fictional animals imagined by the artist

  3. Using the same logic, I could make figurines of a mythical animal, bury them for 2,000 years, and when they are dug up, the finders would claim that they are proof that the mythical beast actually existed


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