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D121:  Artwork depicting dinosaurs, dated within the last 2,000 years, proves dinosaurs existed with man


Edited by Greg Neyman



Argument:  Numerous ancient artwork, dating as far back as 2,800 years ago, prove that dinosaurs and man existed together


Source:   Numerous sources.  See Arguments D122, D123, D124




  1. Artwork cannot be taken seriously for scientific proof.  The figurines are probably nothing more than an fictional animals imagined by the artist

  2. Using the same logic, I could make figurines of a mythical animal, bury them for 2,000 years, and when they are dug up, the finders would claim that they are proof that the mythical beast actually existed

  3. The only thing this proves is that artists thousands of years ago liked making renditions of mythical beasts such as dragons, sea monsters, and the like.  Nothing scientific can be concluded about dinosaurs and man coexisting


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