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B111:  Belief in millions of years compromises the Gospel message


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Belief in a creation event lasting millions of years compromises the Gospel message


Source:  Jonathan Sarfati, Refuting Compromise





  1. This argument is tied directly to the issue of death and suffering before the fall of man.  In other words, if there was death before Adam, then Jesus promise to restore all things to a pre-fall state, including no death, is an empty promise

    1. This arises from confusing spiritual death and physical death.  Physical death is immaterial.  Nothing, not even physical death, can separate us from God.  However, spiritual death can separate you from God.  It is the state of Adam, fellowshipping with God, prior to the fall, that Jesus will restore

    2. We will have no more physical death after our death here on earth.  We will live eternally either in heaven or hell, therefore there is no need to "rescue" us from physical death

    3. The Garden of Eden was a separate, distinct location, which God created specifically for Adam, to give mankind a glimpse of paradise.  Outside of the Garden, the conditions are unknown, and animal death was probably still occurring there.

    4. Jesus makes no statements that indicate old earth creationism would be compromising to the Gospel

    5. Death before sin compromises young earth creationism, but not the Gospel


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