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     This section contains rebuttals to the daily feature on the Creation Ministries International website.  Please note that these featured articles are not offered on a daily basis.

Due to the time difference between Creation Ministries International (located in Australia) and Answers in Creation, rebuttals may not be provided on the day they come out.  In addition, CMI appears to be having problems with their daily feature (items that ran two months ago repeating, articles which run one day, but don't show up in their archive, etc)


27 April 2015 - Carlisle Cathedral Dinosaur Etchings

28 October 2014 - Swedish Fossil Foolery

24 April 2014 - Is Evolution Driving Clergy to Atheism?

11 March 2014 - Academic Fraud, What About YEC Fraud?

14 Oct 2013 - Limestone Deception

25 Sep 2013 - Giant's Causeway

23 Sep 2013 - Biogeography Against Evolution?

17 Jun 2013 - The "Arabia" Steamboat

20 Jan 2012 - Expanding Fossil Ranges

11 Mar 2011 - Theistic Evolution Incompatible with Scripture?

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