Creation Science

Homeschool Book Recommendations

God Made Dinosaurs (Ages 3-7)


Young children (ages 4 to 6) are fascinated with dinosaurs. This outstanding book from Standard Publishing helps them learn about various kinds of dinosaurs, how to say their names, what they looked like, and how God made them.


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God Made the Earth (Ages 4-8)


Introduce young children (ages 4 to 6) to the basics of earth science with this outstanding book from Standard Publishing. Children will learn how volcanoes erupt, how rocks are made, where gasoline comes from, and, most importantly, how God stands behind it all.


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Space & Time (God's Creation Series)

A seven-volume set of kid-friendly, highly visual, biblical, developmentally appropriate, and fun books, The Days of Creation Series will inform and entertain kids about God’s seven days of creation, with each 32-page, four-color book detailing the things created on that particular day.  Only four books currently available.  The rest have not been released yet.  The description says all ages.  I would classify as Grades K-6.

Sky & Sea (God's Creation Series)

Fish, Bugs & Birds (God's Creation Series)

Space & Time (God's Creation Series)

Rocks & Plants (God's Creation Series)

The Starry Sky (Ages 5-7)

by Patrick Moore


Patrick Moore, an astronomer of international status, provides a lively narrative full of surprising facts about the sun, the planets, comets (and their tails), and shooting stars. Awash with vivid, full-color illustrations and photographs, his text serves as a fascinating introduction to astronomy for youngsters. Kids want to read and reread this 96-page book about the wonders of the sky.


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Dinosaurs: Exploring the Scientific Mysteries of God's Creation (Ages 8-12)
by Michael Carroll

Capture your child's imagination about dinosaurs. Science journalist Michael Carroll gives children a Christian perspective on these mysterious ancient creatures. Kids will love the colorful pictures and amazing dinosaur facts. Parents can feel at ease knowing their children are receiving foundational tools for integrating the record of nature with the Bible.


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God Said it and Bang!  It Happened:  The Unbelievable Explanation of Creation (Ages 9-12)


Best-selling authors Bruce and Stan combine entertainment and biblical accuracy to explain how God created the universe. They make it fun for teens to learn about the big bang, dinosaurs, and why humans didn’t evolve from apes. This book is a great supplement for every Christian junior and high school student and can be used as a home-school resource.


God Said It And Bang! It Happened: The Believable Explanation Of Creation

Teaching Physics With Toys (Grades K-9)


Beverly Taylor, James Poth, and Dwight Portman offer a wonderful new resource for elementary and middle school teachers. Loaded with intriguing, hands-on activities, this book gives students opportunities to explore and learn about inertia, kinetic energy, the laws of motion, and other basic physics principles. For each activity the authors provide a list of key science topics covered, skills used, estimated time of completion, materials needed, step-by-step instructions, suggestions for varying the activities, and an explanation of results. The book also includes reproducible student worksheets.


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Creation & Evolution 101 (Teen)

By Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

Published 2004:  304 pages


How we answer that important question determines a lot about our values and beliefs. Bruce and Stan will help you think clearly and critically about science and faith, guiding you through the foundational issues. This insightful guide to a hotly debated topic gives straightforward and easy-to-understand answers to questions about creation, evolution, intelligent design, and the role of science, and what these have to do with how we live our daily lives. Thought-provoking questions included at the end of each chapter will promote a lively discussion with others who are interested in learning about how it all began.


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