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Dr. Kevin Henke


     Dr. Kevin Henke is Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Kentucky.  He has written a series of rebuttals to young earth creation science that shows how they warp science to their own purposes.  These articles provide an excellent source of information for the honest truth seeker.

     Dr. Henke is not associated with Old Earth Ministries in any way.  His theological position is unclear.  What is clear is that he is a scientist who rightly handles scientific evidences without twisting them to his own theological preconceptions.


Hiding the Numbers to Defame Radiometric Dating - Woodmorappe tricks young earth followers with misinformation How Can Woodmorappe Sell Us a Bill of Goods if He Doesn't Know the Costs? - Woodmorappe's arguments make no sense
Distortions of the Lu-Hf Method - Woodmorappe pulls out of context to support his claims Chopping a Title Hides the Truth - One method used to deceive people

Sarfati's Inconsistent Views on Photon Transmissions between Stars and in the Sun's Interior

More Classic Misquotations in Woodmorappe (1999) - Shows the deceptive tactic of Woodmorappe in omitting key points in quotations that he cites
Clarkia Fossil Claims - YEC distortions of the evidence to support their cause More Rats in RATE
Lead Isotope Dates - Lead Isotope Dates and the Age of the Earth Blind Leading the Blind - Austin, Snelling and Swenson Misinterpret Dalrymple's K-Ar Dating of Historical Volcanics
Mount Saint Helens Dacite Dating - YEC Steve Austin's poor scientific methods exposed Ar39-Ar40 Dating - How serious are errors in Ar Dating and how good are their monitoring standards
Ancient Ice Ages and Submarine Land Slides, but NOT Noah's Flood - A review of Michael Oard's assault on multiple glaciations Woodmorappe's Shotgun Attack - Woodmorappe's arguments about Ar-Ar dating show his lack of scientific principle
Woodmorappe's Shell Game: Refuted with Literature from his Creationist Allies - Young earth creation science literature contradicts itself Important Statements on Radiometric Dating in Woodmorappe's References that He Doesn't Want You to See - YECs don't want you to read the truth
Woodmorappe Can't Read Rb-Sr Diagrams - Or, YECs make it say whatever they want it to say The Absurd Newspeak of Woodmorappe's 'Creation Science'
Woodmorappe's Billion-fold Distortion of 187Re Radioactive Decay or How Young-Earth Creationists Misapply Conditions in the Cores of Hot Massive Stars to their 'Genesis Earth' - Shows how unworkable Woodmorappe's speculations are Rats in RATE Research - Scientists in RATE are not objective and free to interpret the data independent of religious bias
"RATE" Leaders Abandon Geologic Fantasies and Admit that Extensive Radioactive Decay has Occurred - When one young earth theory fails, they have to adjust No Evidence of Recent Volcanism on the Moon - Young earth reports of moon volcanism are baseless
Recent Impacts on the Moon? - An even discussion of this topic.  YECs have even proposed the craters are due to warring angels and demons! If All Elephants and Other Proboscideans are "One Kind", Why Can't All Primates be "One Kind"? - A great question!
Burdick's Pollen: Just Something to Sneeze At - A claim that pollen found in 600 million year old rocks in the Grand Canyon is exposed




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