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November/December 2006 (Volume 2, Number 11)

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     The Neanderthal species is one of the hot topics the last few months on the young earth websites.  The reason is because of all the news about sequencing the Neanderthal genome.  To date, partial sequences on nine Neanderthal specimens have been completed, each confirming the earlier conclusions that Neanderthal did not contribute to our modern human gene pool.

     Young earth creationists see this as a threat, because they claim that Neanderthal is a descendant of Adam and Eve.  To their embarrassment, the DNA evidence clearly indicates otherwise.  This has put them on the defensive, as they try to do damage control.  Try as they may, they are unable to overcome this DNA evidence, so instead they are focusing on side issues that attack the credibility of the scientific data.

     The most recent attempt is the claim that human handling of the fossils may have provided contamination by modern human DNA.  Although young earth readers will see this and accept it, it is a bad argument.  Any modern human DNA that was sequenced by accident would indicate that humans descended from Neanderthals.  Any contamination would actually help the young earth argument.  However, the nine specimens to date show no human traits, clearly indicating the samples were pure Neanderthal DNA. 

     To further combat this young earth propaganda, I'm publishing a new web section called All About Neanderthals.  This page will go public soon, but you can preview it now by clicking on the link.  Some pages are still under construction. 

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