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September 2006 (Volume 2, Number 9)

Featured Old-Earth Book

Creation as Science:  A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/Evolution Wars


Dr. Hugh Ross


 In the heated battle over evolution, creation, and intelligent design, all sides have become deeply entrenched. Dialogue has vanished amid the smoke and shrapnel. Astronomer and author Hugh Ross leaps into the fray with a unique approachone that brings real hope for progress in pursuit of the truth. In Creation as Science he proposes that any account (or model) of how the universe, life, and humans came to be deserves serious consideration if and only if it is verifiable/falsifiable.

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    Greetings from Old Earth Ministries.  We passed a milestone on August 11, as we had our 250,000th visitor to the website.  Thank you to everyone who has visited over the past three years.  During the month of August, Old Earth Ministries had 10,555 visitors viewing over 31,000 web pages.

     I'm excited to announce a new feature that I am trying on the website.  My wife and I homeschool our children, and since most of the Christian geology materials are based on the young earth system, it is very hard to find good geology curriculum.  So, I decided to write my own.  You can view the work in progress by clicking here.

     The curriculum makes full use of the internet, including online quizzes and tests.  If you like what you see, please pass the link around to your homeschooling friends.    


In Christ,


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries


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