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November 2005 (Volume 1, Number 11)

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Hebrews 4

Critique of RATE's Zircon-Helium Diffusion Project


Featured Old-Earth Book

Origin of the Human Species

Dr. Dennis Bonnette

Although there are hundreds of books dealing with evolutionary theory and human origins, the large majority fall into one of two categories:

 - Conventional natural science that embrace either atheistic naturalism or theistic evolutionism that fails to support basic elements of Christian theology particularly the historicity of Adam and Eve and the reality of Original Sin

 - Young earth creationism whose scientific credentials are suspect.

Origin of the Human Species differs in that it shows in great detail how conventional human evolutionary theory is entirely compatible with sound Scriptural interpretation and traditional theology. Dr. Bonnette explores the force of opposing views, but adds philosophical analysis that affirms the absolute need for God's continuous creative presence in any metaphysically complete explanation of the world.

 NOTE: This book falls under the category of Theistic Evolution

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Featured Article - Living Fossils
     The Featured Article will highlight one article or section of the website each month. The Floating Forest Theory is supposed to be an explanation of how coal layers could form in the worldwide flood.  The young earth authors missed some simple problems which makes the whole model unworkable.   Click here to read this article.

Featured Contributed Article - Did God Create Carnivores on Day Six?
 In this section, we will feature articles from OEM associates, and articles which are linked to from an OEM webpage. This month, Rich Deem of solves a critical question to the Death Before Sin issue.    Click here to read this article.

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