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May 2006 (Volume 2, Number 5)

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When is a Day Not a Day?, Dr. John's Q&A for May 2006

Is the Big Bang Biblical, and 99 Other Questions

The Permian Extinction


Featured Old-Earth Book

Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face-Off

by Hugh Ross and

 Fazele Rana


   FROM THE PUBLISHER: Imagine primordial Earth, a churning cauldron of liquefied rock. Steaming, seething -- a vast desolate wasteland, inhospitable to life. Yet somehow first life appeared. Maybe chemicals in a primordial soup spontaneously spawned a single-celled creature that continued to evolve. Or perhaps a transcendent Creator formed and nurtured the initial life forms. To determine what really happened requires a framework to evaluate the evidence. For the first time in print, Dr. Rana and Dr. Ross present a scientific model for the creation of first life on Earth -- a model based on the Bible. They present testable predictions for this life-origins scenario and for the competing naturalistic scenarios. Which model withstands the rigorous scrutiny of science and the tests of time? The one that does gives insight to a deeper question: Why would the first life forms precede human life by billions of years?

This is a Progressive Creationism book.  To view more information about this book at  click here


    Greetings from Old Earth Ministries.  During the month of April, 253 new web pages were added to the site, providing many new rebuttals to the false claims of young earth creationism.  Over 100 of these new pages are in the new book review, Is the Big Bang Biblical, and 99 other Questions.  This young earth book is by ICR president Dr. John Morris, and is a compilation of his regular monthly series, Dr. John's Q&A.

     Another article you might enjoy is The Permian Extinction.  It is a rebuttal of a Technical Journal article, that was featured by Answers in Genesis as one of their daily features during April.  Rebuttals for several other daily features were written, and may be found in the Answers in Genesis Daily Feature page.


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Old Earth Ministries

Featured Article - Fossil Tetrapods from Russia
     Young earth organizations frequently claim that rapidly buried fossils are evidence of their catastrophic burial.  However, catastrophic burial is a part of the millions of years, uniformitarian model, and they fail to explain this to their readers.  This young earth article was originally published in Technical Journal.  
Click here to read this article.

Featured Contributed Article - Carbon Dioxide and the Flood
 In this section, we will feature articles from outside Answers In Creation, which have either been linked to OEM, or copied with the permission of the author.. In this linked article, Glenn Morton examines the problem of carbon dioxide and the global flood model.   Click here to read this article.

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