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March-April 2007 (Volume 3, Number 2)

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     I hope this newsletter finds everyone well and ready for the summer months!  A lot has been happening within the world of creation science in preparation for summer.  Young earth ministry Answers in Genesis is opening their new Creation Museum in late May or early June.  They have been discussing how the media is swarming over it, doing interviews and taking film of the museum.  Earlier this month, Old Earth Ministries was contacted by a major newspaper doing a story on the museum, and I gave them my thoughts.  As a result of this interview, I sent out letters to the major news outlets within a several hundred mile radius of the Cincinnati region, along with all the major nationwide news organizations.

    Last week, I did a 30 minute on-camera interview with one of the television stations that I had mailed, and their report should air in mid-May.  I have had several other contacts from the letters I sent out, and I am currently working these.  Please pray that more newspapers and television stations would desire to do news articles about the Old Earth Ministries website. 

     In order to help any news media interested in covering the museum, I have posted a preliminary review of the Creation Museum, along with a media page.  They can find it by visiting the home page.  If the media in your area has shown interest in the museum, feel free to point them to our website.

     In other news, the website revision is about 90 percent complete, and the results are fantastic.  By "results" I mean search engine rankings.  A search for the term "creation science" now brings Answers in Creation up on the first page of results for the top four search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL).  The site ranking flip-flops from day to day, but it is consistently between 9 and 12.  The Yahoo ranking is consistent at #5, which is higher than the top three young earth ministries.  Because of this revision, if you have a website with links to Answers In Creation pages, your links will need to be verified, as the location of the pages may have changed.

     The other news this month is the completion of the Online Geology Curriculum.  A total of 54 students are now enrolled in this course. 

     I want to thank those who have sent in contributions.  Your money has allowed me to do the mailings that I mentioned earlier, and it will allow me to continue to do mailings in the months to come.  Click here to see the donation page.


In Christ,


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries



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