The Monthly Newsletter of Answers In Creation
June 2006 (Volume 2, Number 6)

New Articles

Thousands...Not Billions, a Review of the RATE study

Genesis and Justice, from Answers Magazine

Fish Intelligence, rebuttal to a claim from Creation Ministries International

Who Are You Going to Believe?

Ocean Salt


Featured Old-Earth Book

Reading Genesis One


Rodney Whitefield


     This book is an exposition of the biblical Hebrew which both explains the grammar and determines the meaning of important Hebrew words by reference to other uses of the same word in the Bible itself. Based on the substantiated verb and word use, this book establishes and explains that Genesis does not require an interpretation of 24-hour creation days.

To view more information about this book at  click here


    Greetings from Old Earth Ministries.  During the month of May, 38 new web pages were added to the site, providing many new rebuttals to the false claims of young earth creationism. 

     The largest addition this month is a rebuttal to the claims of the Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth study, or RATE.  The layman's book for this study is called Thousands...Not Billions.  A complete review of this book is now available at the link at left.

     June will see the inaugural issue of Answers magazine, a publication of Answers in Genesis.  I will publish rebuttals to this magazine when it comes out.  AiG released one article in May as a sneak preview, Genesis and Justice, and a review of this article can be viewed from the link to your left.

     I've placed several other links to new pages.  If any of these topics interests you, please take the time to read these young earth rebuttals.


In Christ,


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries

Featured Article - RATE Research Comes Up Empty
     In keeping with the major rebuttals this month of the RATE book Thousands...Not Billions, this article also exposes the fact that RATE failed to find any evidence that would undermine belief in an old earth.    
Click here to read this article.

Featured Contributed Article - Critique of the RATE Groups Zircon-Helium Diffusion Project
 In this section, we will feature articles from outside Old Earth Ministries, which have either been linked to OEM, or copied with the permission of the author.  In this article, Dr. Timothy Christman explains the flaws behind RATE's claims concerning helium diffusion in zircon crystals.   Click here to read this article.

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