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July 2006 (Volume 2, Number 7)

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The Australian Dingo

Zippy Fossil Finds

Creation Magazine 2005


Featured Old-Earth Book

A Matter of Days


Hugh Ross


      A look at the most debated topic for creationists. Could the six days of creation be long periods of time? Dr. Ross presents a testable creation science model that solves the creation age debate clearly in favor of old earth theory. He takes old earth belief from merely another theory to verifiable fact.

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    Greetings from Old Earth Ministries.  During the month of June, 10 new web pages were added to the site.  Many of the articles are in the Creation Magazine's 2005 issues (link at left).

     During the last few months, I have been preparing for retirement from the military.  As a result, the number of new pages each month has decreased.  This limitation on my time will probably continue through September, and possibly longer, as I transition to a new job.  Your prayers during this transition time are appreciated.



In Christ,


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries

Featured Article - Dinosaurs and the Age of the Earth
     This month's featured article is a one page flyer that explains how dinosaur evidences impact the age of the earth debate.  
Click here to read this flyer, and feel free to download and send to your friends.

Featured Contributed Article - The Transformation of a Young Earth Creationist
 In this section, we will feature articles from outside Old Earth Ministries, which have either been linked to OEM, or copied with the permission of the author.  In this article, geologist Glenn Morton explains his transformation from a young earth creationist to an old earth creationist.   Click here to read this article.

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